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  Case Studies

At Micro Training Associates, we do more than develop training -- we partner with our clients to help them meet their business challenges, often with dramatic improvements to the bottom line! Here are some examples:

American Express

American Express: Design of Electronic Performance Support System

Problem: An organizational reengineering was creating new job functions. Increasing competition in the marketplace was creating the demand for improved competencies in all areas of the workforce. Conventional methods of training and performance support couldn’t be deployed rapidly enough to support the changing work environment.
Solution: MTA designed a comprehensive Electronic Performance Support System and plan for replacing classroom training for all jobs within the Travel Services Group.
Outcome: Implementation of the EPSS was ultimately projected to achieve $32,000,000 in annual savings.

Travelers Insurance

Travelers Insurance: Development of Core Curriculum Training

Problem: A centralized classroom-based training program on core curriculum topics was only able to reach approximately 200 individuals annually, and the cost of training was too high.
Solution: MTA converted 130 hours of classroom training to 91 hours of e-learning over a 9-month period. Training was electronically deployed to the Field and all interested employees were allowed to access and complete training.
Outcome: 1,993 students were trained in the first 8 months following release of CBT. Due to elimination of the centralized training program, the company demonstrated a hard cost savings of $1,144,223 in the first 8 months of e-learning utilization. Payback on the project was achieved in 7 ½ months.

Travelers Insurance: Training for Dental Claims Processors

Problem: The existing training program on dental claims processing was too long. Quality and outcomes were inconsistent. Students completing training were not prepared to enter the workplace and required approximately 6 months on the job to reach baseline proficiency.
Solution: Over a 6 month period, Micro Training Associates converted a 24-week classroom training program to a 2-week training program consisting of 50 hours of e-learning and 30 hours of self-study print-based training.
Outcome: New hires completing the CBT/print-based program were able to transition to the workplace immediately and demonstrate the same productivity and accuracy as claims processors who had been on the job for 6 months. Customer satisfaction increased and claim errors were reduced.


BellSouth: Development and Delivery of Internet Sales Training

Problem: BellSouth telephone Customer Service Reps needed to be trained to sell BellSouth's original internet service, BellSouth.net , in a highly competitive and volatile marketplace. At the time, Customer Service Representatives possessed little to no experience with personal computers or the Internet. No other telecommunications company was selling Internet service through internal channels due to the perceived complexity of the product and marketplace.
Solution: Micro Training Associates developed an intensive 7-hour classroom-based training program on BellSouth.net features, benefits and selling strategies. The training was heavily case- and scenario-based to prepare Customer Service Representatives for authentic customer contacts. A challenging comprehensive test was delivered at the completion of training to evaluate student mastery of course content.
Outcome: A team of MTA instructors delivered BellSouth.net training to 1,848 BellSouth Customer Service Representatives over a 4-month period. The average mastery test score for these students was 96.77%. Only 10 students out of 1,848 (.5%) achieved a test score of less than 80%. Actual sales of the BellSouth.net product during the first 6 months after the delivery of training exceeded sales targets by 30%, enabling BellSouth to become the leading provider of Internet service in the Southeast region.


Fleet Bank: Development of Project Management Training

Problem: Fleet needed a way to educate Branch Operations personnel on project management tools and techniques. Due to the size and geographic diversity of the student population, training could not rely on classroom methods. At the same time, training needed to develop authentic project management skills and ensure that skills could be transferred to the workplace.
Solution: Micro Training Associates created a 12-hour CD-ROM training program on project management tools and techniques leading to PMBOK certification. The CD-ROM provided training on concepts, theories, and skills, and required students to apply training in an extended case study. To ensure transfer of training to the job, the CD-ROM was accompanied by an extensive Reference Guide.
Outcome: All Branch Operations personnel were trained in the workplace over a 2-month period.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Pricewaterhouse Coopers: Development of Global Insurance Industry Training

Problem: PriceWaterhouse Coopers consulting professionals located around the world needed a comprehensive and high-quality orientation to the global insurance industry. A single training program needed to be designed to meet the common needs of the global audience. The program also needed to include mechanisms for local customization of the material.
Solution: Working with an international team of Pricewaterhouse Coopers Subject Matter Experts, Micro Training Associates developed a 2-day self-study training program on the global insurance industry. The content, language and examples within the course were customized to reflect key international centers of the insurance industry and the concerns of a global audience. The program included guidelines and materials to support local delivery of follow-on coaching sessions for additional professional development.
Outcome: Training was successfully deployed to PwC consulting professionals worldwide, and PwC achieved additional penetration of the global insurance industry.


UNUM Organizational Reegineering

Problem: UNUM was replacing its legacy computer systems with sophisticated new applications and processes. This required a total reengineering of the organization, including an entirely new set of job functions. Centralized classroom training and traditional information resources couldn’t be delivered rapidly enough to meet the company’s aggressive goals for implementation of the new environment.
Solution: MTA developed an integrated training curriculum consisting of e-learning and decentralized instructor-led sessions to support the development of new competencies. MTA also developed a comprehensive suite of on-line documentation, help screens, and job aids to provide JIT (Just-In-Time) access to information on the job.
Outcome: The entire workforce was trained on new job competencies in 4 months. This workforce was in place in time to support a seamless flash cutover to the new environment.


Prudential Financial: Development of Compliance Training and E-learning Infrastructure

Problem: Prudential needed a way to deliver training on compliance topics including Internal Fraud, Sexual Harassment, and Use of Corporate Assets to its global audience. Due to infrastructure limitations in some part of the world, this training had to be deployed globally but without relying upon Internet technology. Training completion needed to be tracked.
Solution: Micro Training Associates, in conjunction with a technology partner, developed a proprietary application to deliver e-learning and track completion results via Prudential's Lotus Notes platform. This enabled Prudential to deliver global e-learning prior to the maturation of the Internet.
Outcome: 80,000 Prudential employees were trained worldwide over a 4-month period.

what our clients are saying
  While our short time frame and volume of work seemed insurmountable, the Micro Training team was never daunted by the challenge. They are accurate and attentive to details. They also work well with others and encourage a team atmosphere. They genuinely care about others but never lose their sense of professionalism. I highly recommend them for your training project. Micro Training Associates is second to none!
Training Project Manager
Telecommunications Company


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