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Let Micro Training Associates SHARPEN your skills

For a training project to succeed, you and your training vendor need to have good chemistry and shared values. Here are some of the core beliefs and commitments we bring to every project partnership:

  • Your consultant should solve your problems - not create new ones. We take pride in helping to solve your problems on time and within budget.
  • Being selected for a project is an honor. We demonstrate our respect for this honor through our sincere dedication to the success of each project.
  • Our partnerships with clients are relationships to be cherished. For us, the sign of a job well done is a lasting friendship with the project team.
  • We don't expect our job to be easy. We're most needed when a job is difficult, demanding, or high risk.
  • There are other vendors who are less expensive. In order to retain our reputation in the marketplace, we must consistently deliver exceptional value.
  • Most development projects are stressful. That's why congeniality and mutual respect are so important.
  • We treat every project as though our client sponsor's job is on the line. Often it is.
  • It is not important for a project to win an award for Micro Training Associates, but it should do so for our client. It usually does.
What differentiates us?

Experience and Scope of Services
  • 23+ year history with all aspects of interactive training, performance support, and traditional approaches (e.g., instructor-led design, print-based materials)
  • Numbers and types of projects
  • Experience with more than 30 authoring and delivery systems
Track Record
  • Excellence in high challenge, high risk situations 100% on-time delivery
  • Proven return on investment and demonstrated results
Flexibility and Responsiveness
  • Ability to "turn on a dime" and deal with ambiguity
  • Lack of bureaucracy
  • Willingness to partner and provide support for any or all of your instructional design needs
  • Sincere commitment to client needs and objectives
Effectiveness of People and Process
  • Seasoned professionals with extensive experience and long MTA histories
  • Expertise with project management and the instructional design process
  • Focus on bottom-line results
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what our clients are saying
  While our short time frame and volume of work seemed insurmountable, the Micro Training team was never daunted by the challenge. They are accurate and attentive to details. They also work well with others and encourage a team atmosphere. They genuinely care about others but never lose their sense of professionalism. I highly recommend them for your training project. Micro Training Associates is second to none!
Training Project Manager
Telecommunications Company


  Instructional Design Tip  
Baffled by what colors to use in your multimedia program? If the program incorporates a creative theme, take a cue from the colors it suggests.



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